Falling for Furry Friends: The Inspiring Tale of a Woman’s Love for Dogs

An Indian Woman “Roopa Yadav” shared her inspiring story how she fall in love for Dogs and now she is taking care of many dogs. We appreciate her thinking and love & care she is giving won hearts of Dog and Animal Lovers. We are sharing her story here without any edit. This young lady is amazing and we wish everyone’s thinking should be like her this will lead a beautiful life. Animals also have heart and as a human we should help animals.

Her unedited story read here –

I am writing this in memory of Bambi, whom I lost 3 years ago today.

I’ve a long story to share, along with a message very close to my heart. I’ll try to make it as short as possible, as I want all of you to read it.

Five years ago, we shifted to Kerala. Last December, we shifted to Srinagar. In these five years, I’ve learnt a lot. I want to spread awareness regarding the same.

I was one of those people who claimed to love dogs but at home kept only foreign breed dogs.

Five years ago, on shifting to Kerala, we received a gift (from an ex student of mine), a male labrador. A while later, a very smart female Indie joined our family. But she passed away after just one year with us at the age of two. It was so heartbreaking. Having her and then losing her so soon brought my attention towards the sad condition of other indie dogs. So, I quit crying and started helping other dogs in need, in my own small way. Slowly, our family increased with two more female indie dogs.

Last December, we shifted with our three dogs from Kerala to Kashmir. The journey took us five days with two train rides and one car ride.

In Srinagar, I found more dogs in need, and right now, in total, I’ve five dogs inside our home. One injured female dog (recovering) with six newborn puppies in the shed in the backyard. And three more dogs at our gate. All inside and outside dogs are friends with each other. Outside dogs come in to play whenever they like. Inside dogs go outside without leash and play with other dogs. This is my dream life.. I love it instead of going on vacations etc…

In these five years, I’ve learnt that

1. Dogs need humans. They can’t survive without humans, that’s why they keep coming back even after mass killings, torture, etc.

2. If we don’t get regular supply of food, water, shelter and medical care, then we too will become cranky & aggressive. If each locality takes care of food, water & shelter of these dogs, and medical needs are taken care of by the municipality, including sterilization & vaccination, there won’t be any human-dog conflict ever.

3. There are many more humans than dogs in any locality. Still, we keep complaining about the increase in the dog population. If we get them sterilized through participation of the community, their numbers will reduce, which will give respite to them too.

4. We must get rid of our fascination with foreign breed dogs. Why should we promote breeders to forcefully impregnate dogs if we truly love dogs. Why can’t we accept our very own indies? Why are they living in such neglect? Foreign breed dogs aren’t that suitable for our climate, too.

5. If we ourselves lead our children towards kindness & compassion by showing love to these living beings, it will create a much healthier, happier, and crime free world.

To conclude,

Dogs are companions of humans since time immemorial. They can’t make their own food, they can’t find sources of water in urban settings, they can’t make shelters to escape from heat, cold and rain. They can’t go to a doctor when they need medical assistance. It is the responsibility of us humans to provide it to them. In return, we will get safety, loyalty, positivity, and love ♥️

Story source – Facebook

Credit – Roopa Yadav

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