Dog Saved life of Young baby girl Who was facing Breathing difficulty

Dogs are really hero I every term. They are the most loyal living being in this world and also sometime they do something which saves the life human. In this incident happens the same, the Dog saved life of a baby girl who was facing difficulty while breathing and before situation went worst the family took her to the hospital.

Kelly Andrew is the mum of this young girl. The young baby girl was not feeling well her mother thought it is because of cold. The baby girl was sleeping in the nursery room where the dog was again and again keep coming. Kelly tried to run away the dog that the baby girl doesn’t wake up.

The dog keep coming by pushing the door through the head. When the dog was doing this again and again the mum went to shoo the dog that he won’t disturb again but she saw that baby was facing difficulty for breathing and she was turning blue.

She told this to her husband and they both rushed to the hospital and they stayed a night at hospital. The dog clear out the airway and now baby is fine.

She was so thankful for her Dog that if he wouldn’t wake up she might not notice. The dog saved the life of this young girl and the both parents are so thankful to the Dog and also they said their Dog is king and they will treat him like a king.

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