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Are snakes carnivores? What do Carnivores Snakes eat?

A snake is a type of reptile. Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles that are found in many types of habitat around the world. Snakes...

Yellow Snake with Black Stripes

There are over 3000 snake species found in the world. Some snakes are aquatic, some are terrestrial and some live on trees. Snakes are...

What would have happened if Titanoboa was still alive

Titanoboa was dominating predators 60 Million years ago. Due to climate change, they went extinct but what happens if they were still alive? Titanoboa...

Difference Between Snake Venom And Scorpion Venom

Snake and Scorpion are two different kinds of animals but both are deadly creatures because of deadly venom. Thousands of people die every year...
Nag Mani

Is Nag Mani Really Exist: Truth Or Myth? How to find It?

In Indian mythology, Nag Mani is one of the mysterious things. People who believe in it say Nag Mani is so powerful...