Is Nag Mani Really Exist: Truth Or Myth? How to find It?

In Indian mythology, Nag Mani is one of the mysterious things. People who believe in it say Nag Mani is so powerful and it gives you supernatural power. There are many claims about the power of Nag Mani. People believe that Nag Mani can convert any metal into gold. People use to say that Nag Mani gives you magical power. there are many myths out there about Nag mani (Cobra stone).

Have you ever thought that if the Nag Mani where it is? Who has Nag Mani? Does Anyone have seen it? There are the uncountable number of questions that come to mind when someone talks about Nag Mani.

The main Question after all these questions come to mind What is the truth of the existence of Nag Mani? For many Indian people catching snakes is their job, Not speaking about the people who works for the government or any private organization. These peoples live in village areas and They collect variety of snacks and separate their teeth from the mouth. They used to show different species of snakes in village areas. After showing variety of snakes to the people they sell different kind of herbal medicines.

Most of these people are honest and they earn money without cheating the people. Few peoples of these group makes people fool and earn money. They claims that they can separate the Nag Mani live in front of them from an alive cobra.

Many villagers get trapped in this kind of scam. Everything they do in front of us are all preplanned to scam the people.

snake catchers claim that they can separate or isolate nag mani from Nag (Cobra snake/ Naja Naja) but is this true? There are many videos out there in which snake catchers separate Nag mani from the head of a Cobra but again Is that real nag mani? and gives real power mentioned in Indian mythology? No One knows the true.

In this modern era, we believe in practicality. If practical proves something that means the thing is real and if practical and science can not prove, that means the thing or fact is not real or a mystery. Let’s understand the existence of Nag mani.

What is Nag?

Nag is the Hindi name of Cobra. In India, Cobra is known by many names like Nag, Cobra, Gehua, etc. The scientific name of Cobra is Naja Naja. The venom of the cobra is neurotoxic. The common length is 2.1 to 2.2 meters (6.9 to 7.2 ft). The maximum length is 5.6 meters (18 feet). We can easily identify it by the V-shaped structure on the back head. There are many species of Cobra live all over the world. It can be easily found all over the world. The V shaped structure behind the head is made to make the enemy feel like something bigger and larger is watching them and this helps the snake to get out of danger in many cases when he cannot look behind.

What is Nag Mani?

Nag Mani is a type of stone (as per Indian mythology). Mythology says that it is found in the head of Naja Naja or Cobra and also it is so powerful. Mythology says that Nag Mani has magical powers it can change the life of the human who finds it. We only have heard the stories of Nag Mani and probably no one has seen this till now. The exact picture of this have not been painted and captured. The stories says that this is brightest thing. It can be seen in full Moon day and Only Ichhadhari Nag (the supernatural snake Who can change the look like any human ).

There are many book and also movies and series have been made on this. Many old generation people still believe in this. There is nothing to say about the structure of this because how can you trust on someone that he or she is speaking the truth no one other had seen the thing. The fact might be true but as per researches nothing have been proven.

Structure of Snake Head

To know existence we assume that maybe Nag mani exists but where? To know that we will study the structure of the head of a Cobra. We are studying only head because the majority of claims say that Nag mani is found on the head of Cobra/Naja Naja.

The Naja head contains two eyes, nostrils, one tongue, and two long teeth attached to poison glands and there is not any extra specific structure found in the head that can be Nag Mani. the structure of head is so compressed and nothing larger thing can be hidden. the structure of cobra’s head is flat So the thing that story tells cannot be placed inside the head of a cobra.

How Snake Catchers Remove Nag Mani from Cobra’s head

There are many videos out there in Social media, the video shows a man takes a knife and does a little cut on Cobra’s head and remove a stone from the head. Is this an edited video? No! This Video is real but that stone isn’t Nag mani or neither stone found in the head of Cobra. The snake catchers already plans all these scenes. Actually, before showing other people Nag Mani in the head of snake, he purchases a normal stone from the market and then makes a small cut on the head of Cobra and fix the stone on the head and sticks it carefully with gum (like feviquick). When the snake catcher Start performing, he makes a small cut on the head a remove the pre-placed stone from the head and people think this is real Nag Mani.

In this way, the snake catchers sell the stone and scam peoples to earn money. don’t believe in such people who claims that they can give real Nag Mani. If The thing really exist then why would anyone will give it to you. It is so rare Item, no one has seen till now So the price will be very much that no one can pay for it.

Has Someone Seen Nag Mani

There are many people who claims that they can provide you original Nag Mani. There are many peoples who claims that they can provide you Original nag mani but they are 100% scammer because how would anyone will give it to you very cheap cost as this is rarest item on the earth. But the people who says that they can provide you original one or 100% is scammers. Don’t believe in such scammers it will be waste of money trusting on them.

Most of the people who says that they have seen the Nag Mani are lying and it is difficult to believe. Many people says that nag Mani exists then why no one have seen that and why any picture or paining have been made of it. If someone has really seen in old generation he must had tried to make a paining of that. There isn’t any evidence of how it looks like.

For now, it is just a myth or there isn’t any evidence of existence of it so at conclusion point it is only available in the stories.

How to Find Nag Mani?

As we all know there is nothing clear about the existence of the Nag Mani but there are many mythology who says that Nag Mani exists. If you are really desperate to find Nag Mani then do a proper research on this. Read all the Books related to Nag Mani and everything you will get to know about it. On scientific perspective Nag Mani Doesn’t Exists so don’t try to find it.

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