Chhattisgarh Birds species Name with Pictures

Chhattisgarh is an Indian state. Chhattisgarh has a variety of animal species. More than 400 birds have been spotted in Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh has a large forest area spread over the different districts. There might be more than 1000+ Birds species in the Chhattisgarh but only a few are identified. The reason behind saying that more … Read more

21-year-old Chihuahua made Guinness Book of World record of oldest living Dog

Recently a post was published on the official website of the Guinness book of world record. A 21-year 66-day-old dog made a record as the oldest living dog. This dog is from Florida and its name is TobyKeith. This dog is owned by Gisela Shore. According to the report Ms. Shore adopted this dog when … Read more

Ghaziabad Fire News: 50 Cows were burnt to death in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram area’s slum area caught on fire and the fire spread on the area and cowshed caught on fire and there were many cows on the cowshed. Approximately 50 cows were burnt to death in this fire. This is a heart melting news. This sad incident happened on Kinauni village. 30 slums were burnt … Read more

Kangaroo Found in India: it is serious Problem

Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia and the distance between these countries is 7,809 km. Australia and India both are situated in two different continents. Recently two Kangaroos have been found in Bengal (a state of India). This is very serious matter because it is impossible that Kangaroo can travel to India by themselves. … Read more

Locomotion in Fishes: Types, Forms and more

Fishes do locomotion in many forms like Jumping, Flying, Climbing, swimming, walking, etc. Fins are known as the primary organ of locomotion. There are five types of fins commonly found in fishes – (1) Dorsal fin (2) Pectoral fin (3) Pelvic fin (4) Anal fin & (5) Caudal fin. Apart from fins muscles fibers and … Read more

Ukraine Army and People are helping Animals During War

In Ukraine every life is in danger in current situation. No one knows what will happen next. Russian Rocket attacks and military actions are increased in Ukraine. Ukraine army is fighting for the country. They stood bravely against the Russian army. Countless houses are destroyed and thousands of people migrated to safe countries. Many pet … Read more