A Man Killed Two Pet Dogs Thinking They Were Coyotes

A Hunter killed two German Shepherd Pet Dogs and skinned them. This news attracted and made every animal lover cry.

During hearing in Danbury the man Michael Konschak a 61 Year old man explained that he was hunting at the area and this is legal in the Area. When he saw these two animals he thought that these are Koyotes and that is why he killed the Animal. He did not know that these were pet animals. He also skinned the both pet animals for their pelts. He used crossbow for hunting.

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The case isn’t clear yet and investigation is being done by the authority.

The Pet owners were searching for the pets for week and when get to know this they become so said. There are very emotional and sad about the incident happened.

Victim also said that it was not intension to kill the pets. He was looking for deer to hunt and he killed these pets thinking these were Koyotes.

Police with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection arrested Konschak in February on charges including tampering with evidence, forgery, interfering with a law enforcement officer and hunting-related violations.

Also Animal rights advocates have urged authorities to animal cruelty charges on the victim.

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The both German Shepherd were 10 years old and maybe they get out from the boundary because a fan was broken by maybe a bear and they lost in Forest and the Hunter killed the Dogs and skinned them and separated the head of the pets.

Konschak is due back in court next month. The lawyer of victim applied for a special probation program but judge rejected the request.

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