14 tips to keep Your dog Cool in the Summer

The summer is finally here and the day by day the temperature is rising up. If you have a pet dog, you need it to be a little more careful about Your pet, or any other animal if you have. Like humans also pet animals and other animals feel heat of the summer and Also they feel. Difficulties in this rising temperature If they could not get proper care. They could be in danger. Many dog owners avoid this thing that dog needs extra care in the summer season. Dogs are more sensitive for heat than normal humans because They do not sweat like humans to cool down their body temperature and also the body is covered with fur wich give extra disadvantage to the dogs.

The dog feels The heat stroke more than humans and also Many dog species have Thin skin and thin layer of fur which Causes Sunburn. They can also get Dehydrated, so at time to time we should give them Facilities to stay hydrated. The normal temperature of the room is higher than the usual days in the summer. So you need to give them cooling temperature accessories. Like these there are many more Things that you should take care of your dog in this summer. Every year, many pet dogs and normal dogs die in this summer season. In this summer season many pet dogs die because of the neglect behavior or careless behavior of the owner. So don’t be a careless pet owner. Give proper care to your dog in the summer.

Who are careless dog owners in summer

Summer mean the heat waves and the rising temperature. As we know that dogs are sensitive for the temperature, so they might feel difficulty in high temperature. If they are not provided of proper drinkable items, they might be dehydrated or if they are not facilitated, proper cooling temperature facility. Also their body temperature might rise and because of dehydration and high temperature, they can die.

Also, many times we have seen that the pet owners leave their dog at home for long time and switch off all of the AC, fan and coolers which causes the rising temperature of the room and the dog can die in this conditions.

In several cases, we have seen that dog owners leave their dogs in the locked car, the temperature rises faster than usual because it’s a small cabin-like structure fully exposed to the warm weather. There are numerous cases in which the pet owner locked their dog inside the car, and because of the rising temperature in the summer, their pet dog died. There are several things that bad dog owners should know and must take these things seriously in the summer. The pet dog owner who neglects any of these could be a careless dog owner.

The dog owners who try to keep their dog cool in this summer season and they do care about the hydration of the dog are good pet owners. And the pet owners who disregard these are careless pet owners.

14 tips to keep Your dog Cool in the Summer

[1] Keep them hydrated – One of the best and primary methods to keep your dog cool in the summer season is to provide cold water to your dog. Water is one of the most necessary things to stay hydrated in summer. Periodically provide your pet dog with cold water so that your dog stays hydrated throughout the day. Make sure to check the water temperature periodically because in the summer, the water can warm up quickly due to the heat. Drinking hot water is not advisable in the summer. That’s why you can also use ice cubes to keep the water cold, and remember to change the water every half hour. Place water bowls in different areas of your house or garden so that your dog can easily find water when going outside or playing in different rooms.

If you go out for a walk, always carry a water bottle for your dog, and if possible, carry ice to cool the water. Check the temperature of the water before giving it to your dog.

[2] Use cooling fans and others – In the summer, the normal temperature rises higher than usual. This high temperature is not a comfortable environment for dogs. If you do not use any type of cooling fan, the dog can suffer from the heat. So, provide any facility for cooling the room where your dog is living. You can also use small fans, especially for your dog’s room. Check online shopping websites for accessories designed to cool rooms, especially for pets. After keeping your dog hydrated, this is the second most important step you should follow.

[3] Avoid exercise in high temperatures – In the summer, exercises generate too much body heat. So, if your dog does daily exercises, avoid excessive exercise in a day. Daily exercise is good for health, but at high temperatures, it could be a bit risky. Your dog can do a little exercise early in the morning when the weather is cooler. Avoid exercising during midday or when the weather starts heating up.

[4] Small pools – If you have a small garden or outdoor area, you can make a small pool for your dog to play in during the summer season. This will be very helpful to control the body temperature and maintain a healthy temperature in your dog. You don’t need to make a big pool for your dog, just a small pool will be enough. Make sure the temperature of the pool is slightly cool so that your dog feels comfortable. Since temperatures rise quickly in the summer, you need to monitor the temperature of the pool regularly.

[5] Take a walk in the morning or evening – In the early morning in summer, the temperature is usually lower, making it a good time for walking in a healthier environment. So, take your dog for a walk in the early morning. It will be helpful for the good health of your dog and provide fresh oxygen. It is good for the health of both dogs and humans. You can also go for a walk in the evening, but the morning time is generally better.

[6] Avoid too much exposure to the sun – We all know that in summertime, the sun produces too much heat in the environment. Being exposed to the sun for a long time can cause dehydration and heatstroke, which are not good for the health of dogs. While some sun exposure is beneficial, too much sun exposure can be harmful. So, avoid too much exposure to the sun.

[7] Provide wet towels, cooling mats, and ice packs – This is a good option to keep your dog cool in the summer. Keeping wet towels near your dog’s resting area will be very helpful for chilling in the summer, as it helps reduce their temperature in the warm environment. You can also use cooling mats. You just need to fill the cooling mat with tap water, and the temperature will be lower, providing comfort for your dog. Ice packs are also a good alternative.

[8] Water for playing – In the summer, everyone enjoys water, including dogs. Playing in the water helps dogs maintain their body temperature in extreme heat. There are many options for doing this. If you don’t go outside much, you can install sprinklers outside your home or in a small area. This will be enough for your dog to enjoy the water. If you go out, you can take your dog to swimming pools. Always check beforehand if dogs are allowed in the pools. Many swimming pools allow pets. Find out nearby places where pets are allowed in swimming pools and take your dog there. We have seen many owners taking their dogs to riversides or other water bodies for diving or enjoying the water, and we have seen dogs enjoying this a lot.

[9] Grooming – Grooming helps maintain a good body temperature because dogs do not sweat like humans. A tangle-free coat could be helpful for dogs, especially those with thick fur. In the summer, many sticky things stick to the fur quickly. When your dog goes outside or plays with mud, it sticks to your dog’s fur, and your dog may face itching due to heat and bacteria in the summer. So, regular grooming is essential.

[10] Cooling Vest – This is a type of jacket available especially for dogs, and it helps cool down the body temperature in summer. It is filled with water or ice, and some jackets may need ice or cold water added manually. Generally, these jackets have an option to fill with ice or cold water. When your dog wears these jackets, it helps maintain their temperature. The cold water is near the skin, making your dog feel good in the summer. This is also good for chilling in the summer.

[11] Paddling pool – A paddling pool is easily available and easily movable from one place to another, which is why owners should choose this for their dog. Dogs can play in these pools, and since dogs cannot sweat like humans, they use their paws to release heat. So, if they are in the paddling pool, they can easily maintain their body temperature. Make sure the pool water is cold, neither too chilled nor warm.

[12] Summer-friendly food – The diet of the dog also plays a key role in maintaining body temperature in the summer. There are many types of food made especially for dogs in the summer. Like humans, dogs like to eat ice cream and many other foods that help them chill. But make sure these foods are suitable for your dogs. Some dogs can eat ice cream. These foods are helpful for your dog in the summer: watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, curd, buttermilk, coconut water, yogurt, and mangoes.

[13] Tree shade (if available) – If your house has a small garden outside, it is a very good option for you. Trees are good for resting in the summer. They provide natural cool wind, which feels much better than the usual cooling systems in our houses. If there is a tree in your garden, you can train your dog to go there in the shade of the tree. If your dog learns that there is a good place to chill in the summer, they would love to spend time there.

[14] Never leave the dog in the parked car – Leaving a dog in a parked car in the summer is one of the worst things every dog owner should avoid. The temperature inside the car gets higher than the external environment, which is not good for the health of the dogs. There are many cases in which dogs died inside the car because of the extreme temperature in the car. Even if you’re going to be outside for a few minutes, do not lock your dog inside the car. These types of small mistakes can cause the death of your dog. Even for a single minute or two, don’t leave your dog locked inside the car.

Dangers your dog might face in the summer

For those places where the temperature is normal for the whole year and at summer the Temperature started increasing And reach to the an extreme level Animals face many difficulties. If you are A pet owner you must know what difficulty your pet may face in the summer.

1. Heat stroke – This is one of the most common danger your dog might face in summer. Every year many dog die because of the heat stroke. In these cases many cases are in which the dog owners leave the dog inside a Locked car. Apart from this, . If your dog did not get any proper cooling system at their Living area there are chances that Your dog can face heat, stroke danger. To avoid the heat stroke danger, you should use above given tips to keep your dog cool in the summer.

2. Dehydration – in summer dog needs a good amount of water, if your dog is not drinking enough water there is a chance that your dog may face problem of dehydration and this isn’t a small problem if you don’t take this seriously your dog can die

3. Sun burn – if exposed to the sun for a long time can harm the skin of the dog as we know the skin of dogs is very thin and they do not sweat to cool down their body temperature so if your dog is exposed to the sun for a long time it causes skin related problems.

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