Human does a lot of things to make themselves happy. The life is all about happiness who else want to be sad for always but everyone wants to be Happy Always. To make themselves Human tries many different things and they get the happiness of joy on it. It doesn’t matter what other things about what you are doing. If you are happy then you do have everything.

dog man
credit – YouTube

A man from japan first designed a realistic dog costume that he can look like a dog and he spent a lot of money on this and now he bought a cage for himself. He uploaded the video on social media and got a lot of view and comments on his video.

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Credit – YouTube

Dogs are known as best friend of human and they make human happy. Who don’t like to love dogs.

After spending £12,480 on a costume now he bought a cage and he actually uses this cage to slip inside. The man behind this is Toco from japan. He hasn’t revealed his face because he is afraid of what his other friends and family members will think about him.

From childhood his fantasy was to look like a dog and he actually know that this is little weird.

He went viral when he first time released his photograph on social media with the costume. He has learnt multiple activity dog performs.

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