The Reason Behind Elephant Bath With Dust

Elephants are one of the largest animals in the animal kingdom. If we ask someone what is the biggest terrestrial animal then most of the people will answer elephant. This giant animal often sprays dust on its body we also call it a dust bath but again one more doubt comes to mind that humans don’t do dust baths then what is the reason and what is the benefit of dust bath to elephants. Elephants not only bathe in dust also bathe with mud. Bath in water is normal and most animals and humans bathe in water so the question is why do elephants bathe with dust and mud?

What is Dust bath?

A dust bath is not a normal bath like we humans do bath in water. A dust bath is a behavior of animals not only of the elephant also many animals like a sparrow, Turkey, chicken, Horse, Bison, etc. In dust, bath animals spray dust on their body parts or they lay down on earth and roll the body on earth to do a dust bath. This dust bath is beneficial for animals for many reasons.

why do elephants bathe with dust and mud?

  1. Cool Down body temperature:- elephants wander place to place on sunlight and their huge body is always exposed to sunlight so their body temperature increases. If there is any water source near them then they bathe with water. They also bathe with mud to be safe from sunlight heat. When there isn’t any water source near them then they spray dust on their body.
  2. Protection from insects and parasite:- many insect species are living in the forest which drinks animal blood and there are a lot of mosquitoes found in the forest. To protect themself from these kinds of insects they bathe with mud and when many mosquitos and bloodsucker bees stick on their body then they do a dust bath to run away mosquitos and bees from the body. Also, they do dust baths to stay away parasites from their body.
  3. Territory marking:- their body has a special type of chemical which is also known as pheromone when they do dust bathe the pheromone is mixed with dust and leave a special type of smell on dust when any other animals pass from these areas they will know that this area is elephants area.
  4. To save themself from Radiation and other harmful rays.
  5. To get rid out of the etching.

These are some reasons why do they do dust and mud bath. The main reason is the get away parasites from their body and to maintain body temperature. They might be doing it for some other reason scientists have been found only these reasons till now.

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