Can You Keep a Tiger as a Pet? A Comprehensive Guide and Analysis

Have you ever get the thought in mind of having a tiger as a pet? Most people will say “No”, some might answer yes but the majority of answers would be no. the simple reason for saying no is that we all know that Tiger also known as a Big cat is an Apex predator of the forest ecosystem. A complete carnivorous animal.

It is possible to keep a tiger as a pet but it depends upon certain circumstances. Many people in the world have a tiger as a pet animal but it depends upon the law of your country and also the expenses of caring for this animal.

It is a predator and dangerous animal and this is not only about yourself because it can harm people who are living in your society or your neighbors.

Example of People Having Tiger As a pet

image credit – Instagram / Rich Kids of Dubai

Tinie Tempah is seen taking his pet tiger on a walk in Dubai

In Dubai many rich people have seen with their pet Tiger or Cheetah. They spend a lot of money on their pet. It is not that easy to have a pet tiger. Also we don’t promote to have a pet Tiger at home. Let them live freely at their natural Habitat.

Image credit – social media

This Photograph was taken by a random and nothing needed to tell about the picture. Someone took the Tiger on street with open window of car.

In Dubai it is common to see pet Tiger with Rich people. There are a lot of picture like this on social media.

Who don’t know about the Mike Tyson, he had 3 Pet tigers Kenya, Storm and Boris. He spent a lot of money on pet. Also an answer on popular Question and Answer platform Quora says that he used to spend 1500$/ Day on his pet tiger and once the tiger jumped to the neighborhood and to close this matter he gave $100,000. Also he had a trainer which coasted him $125,000 a year – Read here source.

Picture credit – Quora

There are many people who have pet tiger at home but also they are spending a lot of money on caring of the pet. Some may keeping it on illegal way. most of the countries has prohibited to keep big cat as a pet animal. If it is legal in your area and you are thinking to pet a tiger then it is not that easy because you need a trainer and also veterinary and this may cause a lot of money and also at time to time you may face many legal issues.

There are a lot of examples available at the internet we can’t cover all the example at this post because we have to cover other important queries on this post. But we would tell you that there are many people who have pet tigers.

Approximately Expenses on keeping tiger as A pet

There are many necessary expenses you will need to spend on the pet.

Purchase Coast – it is illegal to purchase tiger on most of the countries. We do not promote animal trafficking. This is for general information purpose and we don’t provide legal advice to anyone. It may coast minimum thousands of dollars as per government of any country purchases from different countries. But government doesn’t keep it at home and if you want to pet it at home then it is illegal.

Habitat – You can’t keep it with your bedroom like we keep dog at home. You may need different place or we will suggest you instead of purchasing you can adopt a tiger at zoo. This could be good idea to adopt a tiger at zoo. They are made for forest and grassland area. Keeping them at home may cause several health problems to them. Tigers are found in a variety of habitats, including tropical forests, evergreen forests, grasslands, and mangrove swamps. They are typically found in regions of Asia, such as India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and parts of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

It depends upon you which type of living place you want to build for your pet. So it is difficult to calculate the estimated cost for the place. It also depends that you are going by a property somewhere and build the living place for your pet. If you already own a land area then it will cost little cheaper. You will need to spend thousands of dollars for making a place for your pet tiger. It is better to contact the local or any professional engineer. If you are thinking to keep it on your bedroom then you are thinking wrong. That is predator and you can’t simply share a house. If you want to build a place for the pet then it might cost Approx 50000$ minimum. Keeping tiger on a cage is also not a good idea.

Tigers require a large home range to hunt, mate, and establish territories. They prefer forested areas that provide cover for hunting and protection, but they also need open spaces to move around and hunt. They are apex predators, meaning they are at the top of the food chain, and they require a healthy ecosystem to survive.

Unfortunately, tiger habitats are under threat due to deforestation, human encroachment, and poaching. This has led to a significant decline in tiger populations, and all subspecies of tigers are now classified as endangered or critically endangered. Efforts are being made to protect and restore tiger habitats, but it requires a collective effort from governments, conservation organizations, and the public to ensure the survival of these magnificent animals.

Legal Some places are allowed to have exotic pet at privet place and if you do think that your area is permitted to have a tiger at privet place as a pet then you can keep the tiger as a pet. You need to pay a amount for permit of petting a tiger at home. It may cost 200$/year or maybe vary on different places. You are keeping a special animal at your home so many animal organization will keep eye on you and your one mistake will cause legal action against you so keep it on mind and talk to a person who knowns legal works better.

Some states allow petting exotic animal that doesn’t mean tigers are also allowed. Petting some exotic animals are specially prohibited in many places like big cats, bear, lion, and Fox etc. talk to your legal advisor about it because he will know better about your place.

Including all expenses (legal things and travel) it will cost around 1000$ or maybe a lot from this when you violate any law.

Trainer – you need to keep a trainer for your pet tiger because it is not a normal pet. Tigers are aggressive animal and once they get angry they won’t give you second chance. A normal people can’t understand their behavior that is why you need a trainer and also a zoologist who knows animal better. Mike a famous boxer had pet tiger and he used to spend 1,50000$/year on a trainer. Tigers are some special animal so cost is also very expensive. Trainer and important if you are thinking to keep a tiger as a pet.

Care Taker – normal human can’t care a pet tiger because if they are so hungry and you normally go and feed them is not a good idea at all. On average a tiger care taker earn 30,000$ – 70,000$/year. A care taker

Veterinary – its different so you will need to hire a professional veterinary which may cost around 500$ to 2000$ minimum a year. This is common price and might be differ. Also it depends upon the health condition of your pet.

Food – You know Tigers are Carnivorous animal and they eat a lot. On average an adult needs minimum 9 – 12KG meat a day. You need to feed your pet on supervision of an expert. The price of meat might differ based on the which meat you are feeding. You will need to spend approximately 20,000$ a year on food.

Required Things

  • Good wealth
  • It is legal to keep a Tiger as a pet animal in a privet place in your state and country.
  • Permit from keeping dangerous animal.
  • Trainer.
  • Veterinary
  • Safe place
  • Care taker
  • Time for your pet
  • A legal advisor

Problems or Difficulties you may face

It is not a normal thing to have a pet animal like Tiger. You may face many problems when you will have a pet tiger.

  1. Legal problems – this is the main problem you may face. In various places it is illegal to pet a tiger so this rule might also applicable at your place. In this case you can’t keep a tiger with you. If it is legal then you will need permit for keeping it at private place. Also if your neighbor face any difficulty you need to face few matters. Many animal organization might speak against you for animal rights.
  2. life risk :- it is a predator and always keeping it around you or always walking around it might be dangerous. They are naturally predator and they will never forget their natural behavior. At anger they might attack you and it is difficult to survive a tiger attack. Every year many people get killed by the tiger so it is dangerous.
  3. Expenses :- You will need you expend a lot of money so if you don’t have a lot of money then it is not good idea to think a tiger as a pet animal.
  4. Time problem :- after keeping a tiger as a pet animal you will get a big responsibility so you may face time management problems means you can’t always travel. If you keep permanent care taker, veterinary and trainer who will always available for the tiger them you might get freedom but still you may face time management issue.

Problem other may face

It is not only you who may face problem. Other mean people who live at the same area and also people who are working at your home might face difficulties or problems.

  1. Guest problem – when any relative or friend visit your home or place where you will keep your pet, your pet might feel uncomfortable with them and attack on them. Your pet see you daily so will behave friendly with you but might attack on new visitors. There are many videos available at the YouTube when pet Tiger attacked on the Visitors.
  2. Aggressiveness :- they are aggressive animal and some time they might show their this aggressive behavior and harm the workers and sometime they don’t listen to the trainer.
  3. Running out :- if the boundaries are not well protected then your pet can run from your house and cause problem to the people who are living at your area.
  4. Your neighbors may feel afraid thinking a tiger live at their area.

Law and Regulations for petting a Tiger

In countries like UK and Mexico it is legal to keep tiger as a pet animal but for this you need to go through a legal process and you will need all the required permits. There will be many more countries where it will be permitted to keep exotic and dangerous animal with all required permissions. At time to time many laws are updated so it is better to contact any legal advisor who will do proper research and guide you what you can do and what you have to do.

Alternative way

We won’t recommend you to pet a Tiger at privet place instead of doing this you can simply adopt a Tiger or any animal at Zoo. The animal will live at zoo but your money contribution will help the animal on feeding, health and other stuff. This will be good idea because there will be many experts who knows better about the animal and might be that will be better place for the animal instead of keeping them at home.

Note – We don’t recommend keeping tiger at privet place and also we don’t promote. This article is just for informational purpose for any legal advice contact a person who is profession in legal stuff.

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