Electrifying Tragedy: Bird Blasted by High Voltage Shock

Electricity is so brutal thing when we talk about electric shock. we humans know how dangerous it is and still thousands people die every year by electric shock. Animals are don’t even aware about the thing. We don’t care about their life because they aren’t human or we don’t value animal’s life as we do for human’s life.

A video was uploaded on YouTube where a bird was chilling and suddenly something happens. The whole scene looked like a magician read a magical spell and bird disappeared. Saying this might be very easy but it is heart melting. It happens so quick and for a while no one will understand anything. When I saw the video first time, I didn’t get what was the video but when I saw the video again I get to know what actually happened.
The electric power was so powerful even a single feather not left after the shock. This happened so quick. We also get to know that birds don’t get electric shock. This video is vary painful.

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