What Australian government is doing to protect koalas?

Koala is also known as Koala bear is native to Australia. it is a herbivores animal. After the bushfire in Australia approx thousands of Koala lost their life. Near 76% of Koalas were dead because of many different reasons. After bushfires in Australia, Koalas are listed as threatened animals. To protect Koala Australian government is … Read more

Are Orcas Friendly To Humans?

Orca commonly known as Killer whales are one the beautiful creature of the ocean but have you ever thought that is Orca friendly to humans? Scientists are still researching this topic but generally, Orca doesn’t attack humans. It belongs to the oceanic dolphin family and is recognizable by the black-and-white pattern on its body. The … Read more

9 Awesome Christmas Outfit for Dogs

Christmas is near you must be prepared well and all-important purchases must be done by you but did you think about your dog? No? Then you must think of something good about the dog because that is not only a pet eventually that is a family member and you must take care of that too. … Read more

The Reason Behind Elephant Bath With Dust

Elephants are one of the largest animals in the animal kingdom. If we ask someone what is the biggest terrestrial animal then most of the people will answer elephant. This giant animal often sprays dust on its body we also call it a dust bath but again one more doubt comes to mind that humans … Read more

What Do Giant Anteaters Eat

From the name of this animal, it sounds like Anteaters eat only ants but what happens when they do not get any food? Anteaters eat ants but this is not the only option they have. Finding a bunch of ants is not easy work. You can find ants one day, two days but every day … Read more