Thousands of penis Fish Washed up California Beach

This seen was unbelievable and who witnessed the seen was amazed. This sound weird but what would be your reaction when thousands of things which look like privet part is scattered all around the beach? You can’t say your reaction will be normal.

If you say that your reaction will be normal then you are very different person but this incident happened on 2019 and still the photograph of this incident is going viral on social media specially on Facebook.
This is a living being which lives on beach area under the sand. People who have visited beach area at list once won’t be unknown for this creature.


This is commonly known as inkeeper worm but also popular by Penis Fish name. this creature have been living on earth for a long time, there are many fossil evidence of this creature that proves that these creature are living on earth from long time.

This creature can live upto 25 years and they make U shaped burrow which could be several feet deep. They are well adopted for this type of life.

Once, at California a incident happened when thousands of Penis Fish appeared at the Beach area. The scene was very different and many people captured the photograph of this incident. At the particular beach area everywhere this Fish or creature was scattered.

The Name penis fish came because of its look. It looks like a human penis That is why it is named. The photograph of this phenomena is still going viral on social media.

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