Difference Between Snake Venom And Scorpion Venom

Snake and Scorpion are two different kinds of animals but both are deadly creatures because of deadly venom. Thousands of people die every year because of snake and scorpion venom. Snake and scorpion both venom is deadly but have enough difference between both venoms. It is difficult to say the difference between a snake and scorpion venom based on a single or few species. Thousands of snake and scorpion species live worldwide and venom differs from species to species.

In most cases, if the patient of scorpion sting receives medical support in time and the patient is healthy then the patient doesn’t die in most cases but it is so painful. Every year thousands of cases come of scorpion stings and many of them die so also we could not say we don’t need to worry so much about scorpion stings. It is so painful.

In the case of snakebite it depends on the snake species, some snake is nonvenomous or less venomous in which human survives but faces some health problem because of the venom fetal effect but not all snakes are nonvenomous. Some most dangerous snakes are so deadly. Its bite can paralysis any human and big animals in a few minutes and few minutes humans and animals can die. Some snake venom shows very quick effects so a patient has very little time to get the cure and so many of the people die because of snakebite. The number of death from snake venom is very high compared to scorpion stings because some snake venom gives very little time to get medical support and people who live far away from hospitals can’t get a cure in time they won’t survive.

deathstalker is known as the most dangerous species of scorpion and if patients don’t waste time and get the medical cure in time patient will survive. The inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) is known as the most venomous snake in the world found in Australia. The maximum yield recorded (for one bite) is 110mg and this amount is enough to kill 100 people. Patients could be saved if hospitalized on time but in many unfortunately cases patients die after getting antivenom. Many people die before getting antivenin.

#Warning – This post isn’t for medical and health advice. The purpose of this post is to provide educational information. If you get bitten by a snake or get a scorpion sting then go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible (without wasting time).

Apart from negative effects, these venoms are used for good purposes. Snake venom is used to make antivenom/antivenin and many types of medicine and also we all know scorpion venom is most expensive because it helps to detect the size of tumors in the brain and also to cure many diseases.

Difference between Snake venom and scorpion venom

DeadlyMore deadly compared to Scorpion venomLess deadly compared to Snake venom.
Most Venomous speciesInland TaipanDeathstalker
Injection SourceTeethSting
Venom TypeHaemotoxic, Cytotoxic & Neurotoxic.Neurotoxic
Compositioncarbohydrates, nucleosides, amino acids, lipids, proteins and peptides.water, mucosa, oligopeptides, nucleotides, amino acids, ions, neurotransmitters, salts, low molecular weight peptides (Possani et al, 2009), metals, mucoproteins, mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronidase, phospholipase, serotonin, histamine, biogenic amines and many unidentified substances
Effect on same speciesNot effectiveNot effective
Amount of venom in single attack110mg (Inland Taipan)0.006 mg to about 2.0 mg (Deathstalker)
Average bite rate annually (Global)5.4 Million1.5 Million
Average death rate annually (Global)80,000 – 1,50,0002000-3000
Venom price (Per galon)$153,000 (King Cobra)$39 million (deathstalker)

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