What Happened When A Dog Ate 2 Tennis balls

Every dogs like playing with their favourite toys. the owner should keep monitoring their dogs, what they are doing because while playing many dogs accidently swallow many things which can affect their health. A same heart melting case happened without 5 year old dog.

Loki, A 5 year old male crossbreed Dog accidentally swallow 2 Tennis balls. when dog’s health was getting bad the owner took the dog to the hospital and the X Ray report show that the dog stomach lodged two tennis balls.

After the emergency surgery the dog is now out of danger and recovering fast. This dog loves playing with tennis ball and it is possible that while playing the dog accidentally swallow two tennis balls. the dog is now out of danger and recovering.

The dog owner shoud learn from this incident and they should keep monitoring what their dogs are doing and it is important to looking out the health of your dog.

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