Difference Between Crow and Raven

You must have seen crow and Raven but how do you figure out which is Raven and crow. Raven and crow both look similar and most people would not know the difference between these two. Do you know what is the difference between Crow and Raven? Many people are also confused between Raven and crow because they are similar to each other but apart from similarities they have enough differences that we can figure out which Crow and Raven.

No doubt that crows are one the smartest bird and also counted in the smartest animals list because they are only birds and amongst the animal who use tools as humans. They also know how to open nuts by throwing them on the ground and also they are smart enough to steal food.

Difference Between Crow and Raven

Many things will help you to recognize which is Raven and crow by watching their physical appearance and flying mechanism.

VoiceCrooaakCaw – Caw
BillBigger and curvedSmaller
WingsPointedBlunt and splayed
TailWedge shapedFan shaped
Primary feathersLongerSmaller
Feathers in neck regionShaggy feathersLess feathers
NeckLonger (while flight)Smaller (while flight)
LifestyleLive in a pair
Lifespan30 years8 years
Size22-27 inch long17 inch long
HabitatWild areaUrban area


Raven’s beak is curvier and bigger than Crow’s beak.


This is the best way to tell that is a crow or Raven because Craws generally Caw and purr and if you listen to the Raven they will scream and croak.


If you see both flying you will easily recognize one is Raven and the other is crow because Ravens soar and crows flap. This difference is only seen in free flight because if you run away from them then both will flap.

Primary feathers

If we talk about primary feathers then Raven’s primary feathers are longer than the crows.


Crow’s feathers are less shiny than Raven’s feathers. Raven’s feathers shine in the sunlight.


Raven’s wingspan is bigger than a crow’s wingspan. Generally, Raven’s wingspan is 3.5-4 ft and crow’s wingspan is 2.5 ft.


If you have seen a crow’s tail then it will be fan-shaped and Raven’s tail is Wedge-shaped.


While flight Raven’s neck is longer than a crow.

Feathers in the throat region

Commonly crows have fewer feathers in the throat area at the same time Ravens have more and shaggy feathers in the throat region.


If we compare the lifespan of crows and raven then the Ravens live more years than crows. Raven’s lifespan is 20-25 years and crows live only 8 years

Similarities of Crow and Raven


Both are black-colored birds and it is not easy to recognize which is Raven and Crow if you don’t have enough knowledge of the differences between both. Because of the same color, they look similar.


Both birds are so intelligent and crows are known as one of the smartest birds in the world. Raven can copy human voice so it is good intelligence. Both birds use tools that no other birds can do so they are intelligent creatures of the earth because no other except humans know how to use tools. They also know how to open nuts to eat. They through nuts from trees to break them after they eat the nut. They are also known for stealing things smartly.

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