85 Year Old Woman Was killed by Alligator in Florida while walking with her Dog

An Alligator attack news made everyone shock. At Florida, a 85 year old woman was walking with her small Dog beside the pond, an alligator suddenly attacked on her dog but dog somehow survived the attack. According to the local news the alligator again attacked on woman and killed the woman. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed the News. The alligator attack news on area is very rare according to the local people.

The Alligator was approximately 11 feet long and weighed 600 to 700 lbs., per the latter outlet.

According to the authorities the woman identified Gloria Serge, who was walking with her dog on Monday and attacked by an Alligator and dragged into water and killed. The victim died as a result of the incident and has been recovered.

Witnesses to the attack called 911, A nuisance alligator trapper was dispatched to St. Lucie County following the tragic incident, according to the FWC. The alligator is moved from the place by the alligator trapper after the incident.

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