What Australian government is doing to protect koalas?

Koala is also known as Koala bear is native to Australia. it is a herbivores animal. After the bushfire in Australia approx thousands of Koala lost their life. Near 76% of Koalas were dead because of many different reasons. After bushfires in Australia, Koalas are listed as threatened animals. To protect Koala Australian government is trying every possible way of protection. Koala is a mammal that belongs to the family Phascolarctidae.

The Australian government has recently announced to spend AU$50 million ($35 million) to protect Koala and to take care of their health. due to bushfires, disease, and road accidents, Koalas are on the way to extinction. To protect Koala Australian government is spending a lot of money since 2019.

This money will be used for habitat restoration, health, research about Koala.

As well as other investments in koala research and treatment for injured animals, the package includes $20 million in grants to state governments, environmental groups, and industry for habitat restoration projects, and $10 million for community initiatives.

Environment Minister Sussan Ley said that current funding will be used to find cures for many types of disease, treatment of Koalas, and eight habitat restoration. Scientists are researching to reduce the disease.

3200 vets and veterinary nurses have received specialist bushfire trauma training.

Why do koalas need to be protected?

Koalas are one of the iconic animal species of Australia. Apart from Australia, they found nowhere else. People from all across the world visit Australia to see this beautiful animal. In the 1920s, hundreds of thousands of koalas were shot for the fur trade and in 2019 in bushfires, thousands of Koalas lost their life, and every year hundreds of Koalas lose their life because of a road accidents and disease.

Due to several reasons, the number of Koalas are continuously decreasing. to protect Koalas from extinction Australian government is doing every possible to protect koalas from extinction.

We know that every animal lives in our ecosystem are interlinked to each other for several reasons. Extinction of one organism from this ecosystem brings an imbalance in the ecosystem and also to protect trees and bushes they are important. Because of these reasons Koalas are important. These are not only reasons apart from these there are several more reasons to protect Koalas.

Are koalas endangered?

The IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature) lists the Koala as ‘POTENTIALLY VULNERABLE’.

Is it illegal to hunt koalas?

Yes! Koalas are protected with government protection so you can’t hunt koalas. Under the Wildlife Act, the conservation regulator said, killing, harassing or disturbing wildlife could attract a penalty of up to $8,000 and an additional fine of more than $800 per head of wildlife.

Are koalas important to Australia?

Koalas are found in Eastern and southeastern Australia, in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. They are the iconic animal of Australia and they are important because as Panda is found only in China same Koalas are found only in Australia. They are important because their scat deposits feed the forest floor that helps the woodlands grow and regenerate leading to an increase in biodiversity.

Also because of the environment and the ecosystem, they are important.

Will koalas be extinct in 2050?

It can be only predicted no one can give accurate answers. If the number of Koalas will be decreasing at the same rate then in the upcoming few years they will be endangered species but they might not be fully extinct because the Australian government is trying every possible way to save them from extinction. Recently (in January 2022) AU$50 million ($35 million) has been spent to protect Koalas.

Also, scientists are researching to save them from a different kind of disease and a team nurse has been appointed to take care of Koalas. Australian government won’t let Koala extinct so Maybe in the less number but Koalas will be alive in 2050. If any unfavorable condition will be made then they might become extinct but Government is trying to save them from extinction.

How many koalas are left in the world?

Current (2022) data isn’t available but a report has been published on USAToday from 2018 to 2021, 30% population has been decreased and according to 2021 data, the population of Koala is between 32,065 and 57,920.

Are koalas dumb?

Yes! They are dumb mammals. The koala has one of the lowest ratios of brain to body mass of any mammal. These animals survived because their brain use minimal energy.

How do koalas help the Australian economy?

Koalas are very important for the tourism industry. From tourism, it generates $3.2 Billion. It not only generate income also provided 30,000 jobs. $3 Billion is a lot of money if coming from only tourism and also providing jobs to many peoples. This way tourism helps the Australian economy.

can you pet a koala?

According to the government of Australia normal person can’t pet a Koala. Only zoos and Scientists are authorized to have a Koala as a pet. it is illegal to have Koala as a pet in the world even in Australia. Only authorized Zoos and Scientists can keep Koalas. Some conditions are exceptions like if you found any injured Koala and no one is near to take care you can keep it and take it to the animal hospital and keep it till fully healed. To be considered as a person who cares for sick or injured koalas or orphaned joeys, you need to get a permit from an Australian wildlife authority and live in Australia.  you can’t keep it for a long time you need to free it as soon as possible.

Are koalas friendly?

No! Koalas are not friendly with humans. They don’t like any human interaction in their activity. They are shy animals and your presence might uncomfortable them.

Can a koala hurt you?

As they are not friendly with humans so they can hurt you if you try to interact with them. Koalas have strong, razor-sharp claws that can cause severe injuries. They can also bite tremendously hard.

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