What would have happened if Titanoboa was still alive

Titanoboa was dominating predators 60 Million years ago. Due to climate change, they went extinct but what happens if they were still alive? Titanoboa was generally growing 15 meters long and weighing around 1000 kg (2200 lb). They were carnivorous but they were not venomous so there is no fear of venom but their teeth were so sharp that they can easily capture any prey and prey can not run away from Titanoboa’s mouth. The favorite food of Titanoboa was crocodiles and alligators and also they were eating ancient turtles. The Titanoboa was identified as a Boidae family snake. In 2009, 28 Individuals of Titanoboa cerrejonensis fossil were found in the Cerrejón Formation of the coal mines of Cerrejón in La Guajira, Colombia

They were living in warm and river areas. They lived in northeastern Colombia. The only known Titanoboa species is Titanoboa cerrejonensis and they were living around 55-60 million years ago according to the fossil found in the Cerrejón Formation.

What would have happened if Titanoboa was alive

  1. Titanoboa Evolved to climate – Titanoboa became extinct because of climate change so the first thing of the possibility of their survival is evolved to climate and they were freely living on forest and river area like anaconda lives on Amazon forest and river. We can not say what evolution happen to them because possibilities are endless. They might become shorter than before.
  2. Migrated to different areas – Titanoboa was extinct because they could not live in the changing climate of their natural habitat so to survive they might migrate to different suitable areas like Asia.
  3. Endangered species – if they were still alive, they might be limited to numbered and endangered species so the government of related countries might keep them in zoos to provide them favorable temperate and artificial environments.
  4. Crocodiles might be extinct from Colombia because if Titanoboa was alive and continuously feeding for more than 50 million years then the Crocodiles of Colombia might be extinct because Titanoboas daily need for food is 40 kg (88lb).
  5. Terrestrial domination – they were mostly living on rivers but maybe in the future they become terrestrial and show terrestrial domination. They might be today’s biggest predator.

Is Titanoboa still alive in 2021?

No! Titanoboa is an extinct predator. Many years ago due to climate change every Titanoboa died.

What was the favorite food of Titanoboa?

Crocodiles were the favorite food of Titanoboa and also primitive turtles. Apart from crocodiles and turtles, Titanoboa was eating fish and many other animals.

Was Titanoboa venomous?

No! Titanoboa was a nonvenomous snake

If Titanoboa wasn’t venomous then how did they kill prey?

Titanoboa was nonvenomous but they have long and sharp teeth that no one can go out from these sharp teeth if prey will try to run away the teeth were go deeper into the prey’s body. Also because of their large body and weight, they have super strength they squeeze prey and stop the blood flow of prey’s body, and due to stopping blood flow oxygen supply to many organs are stopped and this way animal dies in a few minutes.

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