A pregnant pit bull died fighting with a cobra: A incredible pitbull is gaining fame on social media that she sacrificed her life to protect the owner’s family. no doubt Dogs are the most trusted and loyal living being on earth. every time they do something unbelievable which make them superhero in front of the world.

pitbull dog

A pregnant dog name Nong Horm died fighting with a Cobra while she was pregnant. the owner broke after this incident. this incident happened 2 years ago in Thailand.

pitbul dog attacked by the snake

the owner told that he heard a sound that his Dog was fighting with something in the yard. when he arrived he saw that his dog killed A Venomous Cobra. the Dog bites the mouth of the snake which causes the spread of venom inside the Dog. the pregnant dog died with her child.
the owner was mourning with sourness and said “Sorry I could not save you and your child” The owner was very sad.

pitbul owner after dogs death
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