Doge:Most Loved By Meme & Crypto Lovers Is On Very Critical Condition Pray For Her Life

You are a poor or a billionaire, You must know about the world’s most popular Dog known by every Meme and Crypto traders. The name of this dog is “Doge”. Yes! You heard right. It is your favorite doge meme and Crypto but do you know? The popular Doge meme and Crypto currency and NFT all are inspired by this cute dog.

Atsuko Sato the owner of this cute dog informed in social media that her Dog is really ill. Since Christmas it is not eating and drinking.

The Doge is suffering from dangerous disease Leukemia. Our most loved one Doge is suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a type of blood and bone marrow cancer, and cholangiohepatitis, an inflammation of the bile ducts, gallbladder and liver tissue.

This is very critical condition because Doge is not eating and Drinking. The Blood sample has been tasted the Doctor and report say what you heard.

The doge is 17 year old Shiba Inu. The Doge became popular in early 2013 when Sato shared pictures of Doge on her blog. It became so popular. if you use Social Media or You are Crypto Trader or You are a NFT lover. You must know about the Doge but do you know? All these are inspired this star dog.

Doge brought smile on our face, made us rich and now doge need our help. Everyone praying for her quick recovery. We all are praying and hoping for her Quick recovery.

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