If you are an Indian then you must know that on every street you will see many street Dogs. Sometimes these Dogs attack humans and many people from different places always talk about these dogs should be moved out of the public place for the security of humans.

Dog bite cases in India are common in India. Many times Nagar Nigam catches dogs but a surprising decision is given by the Supreme Court of India that according to the Anti Animal Cruelty Act Animals have the right to live anywhere they want no one can move them from their place. This statement is given after a long fight between people who are attacked by Dogs and Animal lovers and finally, Animal lovers won.

Dogs are a common animal and can be seen everywhere doesn’t matter it is village or it is city. Sometime they became so aggressive specially when they see new people in their area and they attack the people. The Dog bitt is not a normal, the patient can be infected by rabies disease which is a deadly disease if the patient doesn’t receive treatment at the Time.
It is a very terrible experience to walk on the street where many dogs are staring at you and suddenly start barking at you. They don’t even live vehicles they start chasing bikes, scooters, and cars. Many people have filed complaints against these dog attack cases.

Supreme Court stated that no one can stop anyone to feed a dog also no one can replace dogs from one place to another even can’t move from their original place.

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