Can Wild Animal be Overweight

Have you ever seen an overweight animal in the wild? Most people haven’t seen a fat animal in the wild because they live a healthy and fit life and also they follow a healthy diet. But some animals carry extra fat for a limited period for a reason. You would see an animal that will look fat but that isn’t Overweight like if you see an elephant with a huge body that doesn’t mean that is an overweight animal.

Can Wild Animal be Overweight

If we talk about possibilities then the answer is Yes! If any animal lives near the human habitat and human give food to that animal or that animal get food from the human house and doesn’t rush too much and live a lazy life then there is a chance that the animal might be overweight.

Also in the case, that animal is injured and can’t move from one place to another and humans help that animal for food then there might be little chance of that animal becoming overweight.

We all know that possibilities are endless. There are a lot of possibilities that a wild animal might become overweight but mostly we don’t see any overweight animal.

Why wild animals don’t become overweight

There is a lot of reason that why don’t wild animals become overweight. But before knowing the answer we should know what is the actual cause of overweighing?

We take the example of humans. What do human does in their daily life? Normally live in a house and go to the office and apart from these they go to cinema, mall, and some other activities but for these activities, they use the vehicle so most of the time their body is inactive mean their body movement is less so slowly fat starts storing on the body and this way some people become overweight but all people don’t become overweight because their body is active and they do exercise and their diet is healthy. Like labor working 9 to 6 and doing physical work at the same time, a man does 9 to 6 work at the office and his work is chair work then there is a chance that he might become overweight.

Like a human, animals can become overweight but animals’ life is different than human life so most animals are fit and they don’t become overweight.

Here are some main reasons why don’t wild animals become overweight.

(1) Diet – they don’t eat too much fat because they know if they become fat and overweight predators can’t chess prey and prey can’t run away from predators. Generally, herbivorous animals don’t become overweight because in this diet every protein is balanced and doesn’t have a lot of fat at the same time carnivorous animals have chances to become fat but they don’t overeat any food so they keep maintaining a fit body.

(2) Daily Activity – for food, water, and shelter animals move from one place to another place for food and for the life they run every day. They always show body movement that’s why wild animals are mostly fit.

(3) No laziness – animals aren’t lazy like humans. They need to go for a search for food and water. Sometimes carnivorous animal doesn’t find food so for food they aren’t lazy. If they become lazy no one gonna bring food for them so animals aren’t lazy.

(4) life risk – if prey doesn’t run they will die at the same time If a predator doesn’t run for food they will die of hunger so they both need to run for survival and this run burns enough fat that keeps them fit and doesn’t allow them to become overweight.

(5) No food – they don’t preserve food like us so in many cases they don’t get food every day. Most predators, can’t catch prey every day sometimes they need to sleep in hunger and fat burns and give them the energy to survive that’s another reason why wild animals don’t become overweight.

Animals that become overweight

There is a chance that any animal can be overweight but we talk about an animal who has been overweighted. If we talk about an overweight animal that maybe that will be a pet animal or a zoo animal. These are the common animal who becomes overweight –

  1. Dog – Dog is known as the best friend of humans and many people like to have a pet dog. Pet dog gets all facilities with human and dog become lazy with a human friend they don’t do anything just eat, enjoy and sleep this routing push them to become overweight. There is a high chance that pet dogs can become overweight. You can search on the Internet you will get dozens of pictures and videos of overweight dogs.
  2. Cat – cats are the second most loved pet animals. Cats are domesticated as dog and people give the same afford as they give to the dog and some cats are lazy so you must see any cat who become overweight. I have seen many overweight cats so you may have seen too.
  3. Monkey – you will think why I added this name on this list because Monkeys are known as one of the fittest and active animals but it is true that some monkeys become overweight. I am not talking about that monkey who lives in the forest, I am talking about that monkey who lives near human territory or tourist places where people love to feed monkeys, and this way they become lazy and become fat and overweight.
  4. Bear – Yes Bears become overweight for a specific reason. The reason is hibernation, generally, bears don’t eat, drink, urinate, or defecate in the winter season and this is called hibernation. To survive on this hibernation they need to eat as much as they can before going on this hibernation that’s why they become overweight.

Conclusion – Generally, Wild animals aren’t overweight, or if we talk about the possibilities of Can Wild Animal be Overweight? The answer is yes but it needs a specific reason and condition because generally they don’t become overweight but in a specific condition they may become overweight.

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