Chevy The Dog With Permanent Smile : See Heartwarming Photos

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If you ever visit a certain campground, there’s one resident you can’t miss: Chevy, the dog with a permanent smile. Chevy, a senior pup, has won the hearts of everyone who crosses his path with his infectious grin and cheerful demeanor. Whether he’s camping or hiking with his loving family, Chevy’s smile never seems to … Read more

85 Year Old Woman Was killed by Alligator in Florida while walking with her Dog

alligator attack at florida

An Alligator attack news made everyone shock. At Florida, a 85 year old woman was walking with her small Dog beside the pond, an alligator suddenly attacked on her dog but dog somehow survived the attack. According to the local news the alligator again attacked on woman and killed the woman. Florida Fish and Wildlife … Read more

Dogs Played a Vital Role in Saving 100+ Lives in Turkey

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Turkey is going through a very tough situations. The twin earthquake of 7.7 & 7.6 scale destroyed many infrastructure and building and houses and many people lost their life in this disaster. All rescue teams are working very hard to rescue people. Dogs are playing very important role in this recue operation. The affected area … Read more