ants are known to eat grains. Ants are omnivorous insects, which means they have a varied diet that includes both plant matter and other organisms.


Seeds can be a valuable food source for ants, especially those that are rich in nutrients. Ants are known to collect and consume a variety of seeds


They are attracted to the sweet, sugary, and juicy components of fruits, such as the flesh and juices.


They are classified as predatory insects and play an important role as insectivores in the ecosystem

Small eggs

Some ant species have evolved to include eggs as part of their diet. They may consume the eggs of other insects


While their diet primarily consists of plant matter, insects, and other small arthropods, some ant species are opportunistic carnivores and will consume meat when it is available.


Ants that are specialized predators or have a diverse diet may actively hunt and consume worms as part of their foraging behavior.