Street dogs are a common sight in India, and they sometimes attack humans.

Many people feel that these dogs should be removed from public places for the safety of humans.

Dog bites are common in India, and the Nagar Nigam often catches dogs.

the Supreme Court of India has given a surprising decision, stating that according to the Anti Animal Cruelty Act, animals have the right to live anywhere they want, and no one can move them from their place.

This decision was the result of a long fight between people who were attacked by dogs and animal lovers.

Dogs can be found in villages and cities, and they can become aggressive, especially towards new people in their area.

Dog bites are not normal, as the patient can be infected with rabies, which is a deadly disease.

The Supreme Court has stated that no one can stop anyone from feeding a dog, and no one can replace dogs from one place to another or move them from their original place.