Ukraine Army and People are helping Animals During War

In Ukraine every life is in danger in current situation. No one knows what will happen next. Russian Rocket attacks and military actions are increased in Ukraine. Ukraine army is fighting for the country. They stood bravely against the Russian army. Countless houses are destroyed and thousands of people migrated to safe countries. Many pet animals are now homeless but still many Ukrainians are showing humanity, they are protecting animals. Few days before we heard about Andrea Cisternino who is protecting animals in very tough situation.

I woman was killed when she was trying to help some animals by giving food. Before her death she shared information on Instagram and after few hours she was killed.

This is proving that there are many kind people in Ukraine. In such situation normal people will try to move to safe place or think about their family but people are thinking about animals its so heart touching.

Recently, few photographs are out in which we can see Ukraine army is rescuing cats on different places. We can see destroyed building in background of photo that mean Ukraine army is rescuing animals during war. Apart from fighting for country they are thinking about lives of peoples and animals. We heard that most of bunkers are full and buildings are not safe in current situation. Multiple missiles are destroying the building in such situation buildings are not safe place for cats also so multiple cats are rescued to the safe places.

Few days ago a video was uploaded of rescue of a cat which was separated from the owner and trapped. The cat was crying and some people came to help the cat and rescued that cat. The video got thousands of views and multiple shares.

Some pictures of Ukraine army is going viral on social media with cat. Army is not only rescuing the cats also they are feeding kittens. You can see pictures mentioned here.

Note – we don’t claim all pictures are from during war. Some pictures may be old.

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