Thousands of animals are killed in Ukraine and Russia conflict

In war, no one has benefited not humans or other living beings. We all know about UKRAINE and Russia conflict. Many people have been killed in this war and Ukraine is in very bad condition. People are facing food shortages because the food supply is stopped. However, people are getting food help from each other and Government support also so many people are shifted to safe countries and some are in safe bunkers but what about animals? Recently a woman was killed during trying to give food to animals.

Many animals are homeless and injured in this war but this is not the end. we don’t know how long this world will go. Russia is doing countless attacks of rockets, missiles, and many different kinds of dangerous weapons. In the future, many more people and animals will lose their life.

If somehow humans and animals will survive in this war that doesn’t mean they are safe. Because of the shortage of food, many more lives will be no more because of hunger. the main reason behind this problem is because Russia has surrounded Ukraine from all sides and the supply has been stopped and in this kind of situation also farmers are not producing any kind of food.

In any war, no one can’t count the number of dead bodies in such a situation no one cares about the life of animals because people’s own life is in danger they are trying to save themselves somehow. People think about animals when they have a lot of free time but in this war situation, they don’t even know about what will happen to their own life. Someone uploaded pictures of many dead bodies of animals on the internet. Human species is scattered all over the world and human species won’t be extinct but every animal species is unique and in a limited number in different countries. If a species is extinct then we can’t bring back them in the world.
Also some reports are saying that thousands of animals may strave to death. Animals are such in very critical condition.
That doesn’t mean people who love animals left the animal to die. Some animal lovers are out there who are trying to save the animals somehow and we have seen many news about people are refusing to leave their pet animals in such conditions. That proves that some animal lovers are still alive in the world.

There are many animal organizations in the world but in this war situation, no one is doing anything. they are just watching the animal dying in Russia and Ukraine war. It seems like animal welfare organizations are just made for sitting in the office and talking about the protection of animals. No one knows how many animals have been killed in this Russia and Ukraine war and people don’t come to care about it.

It seems like the weapons are just made for killing human life and other human-animal lives. have you ever seen that animals make weapons to kill other animals how can humans do like this that to kill humans develop different kinds of weapons and bombs. They say that weapons are made for protection but till now we all have seen that weapons only give to human life and also other organism. in the name of protection approx every country has developed many different kinds of weapons but doesn’t seem like that is made for protection purpose. we all have seen the result of these weapons that people use to attack other countries and killing human beings so how can we say that these weapons are made for the protection of humans. but what animal beings did on this they are innocent but they are also being killed in humans conflicts.

We all know that war is never benefited for anyone so why do we make weapons in the name of protection. some big countries we all that they have developed many dangerous kinds of weapons and not in a limited number they have a large number of weapons. Many small countries don’t have that much weapon then big countries are afraid of what? who is going to attack them and trying to protect themselves from who?

Protection is just a word. in the name of protection, many countries are trying to show off that they are the king and most powerful countries in the world. They don’t want to protect themself, they are trying to show off that they are powerful.

As the life of human being is very important same other animals life is also important so before using weapons countries should think about other animals and biodiversity because we all know that once any species is gone we cant bring that back. Weapons are directly and indirectly involved in the cause of death of many different organisms in the condition of war.

We don’t want war every matter should be solved by talking and should be resolved in any other way except war.

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