Kangaroo Found in India: it is serious Problem

Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia and the distance between these countries is 7,809 km. Australia and India both are situated in two different continents. Recently two Kangaroos have been found in Bengal (a state of India). This is very serious matter because it is impossible that Kangaroo can travel to India by themselves. The both countries are separated by ocean and Kangaroo can’t swim 7000 kg continuously. This is not the first time Kangaroo is spotted in India. In March 2022 Kangaroo was rescued by smugglers.

On 1 April 2022, in West Bengal (India), district Jalpaiguri two Kangaroos were rescued by forest team. They spotted animal while patrolling. The Kangaroos were unhealthy and injured they have been sent to North Bengal Wild animal park for treatment. Another Kangaroo was found on 2 April 2022 the next day at 40km away at Farabari. This is matter of concern because Kangaroo is only found in Australia and New Guinea. India is rich of biodiversity but Kangaroo doesn’t found in India. There isn’t any possibility of traveling Kangaroo from Australia to India. They must be smuggled because before this in March 2022 two Kangaroo smugglers were caught by Police near Hyderabad.

S. Dutta (Range officer of the Belakoba forest rang Jalpaiguri ) told ANI that a special team has taken the charge to probe the case. Smuggling of animals is illegal in India so police officers are strictly working on it.

A video went viral of two Kangaroos were spotted in the road of West Bengal, district Jalpaiguri. In video a kangaroo was jumping and runing from humans.

India has many exotic animals which are smuggled from foreign countries and pet seller sell these animals because the demand of exotic animals is high in the country. Animals like Iguana, Parakeet, Macaw and Parrots are easily available on many pet shops.

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