Holi Color Can Harm Animals So Don’t Color Animals

Holi is a festival of color and happiness. People should enjoy this festival but should not harm anyone. In every Holi people color street dogs, cow and other pet animals. They don’t even think once that their this activity can harm any animal and give pain. People don’t think about others their ultimate aim is to enjoy, no matter anyone is harmed.

Some colors produces allergy because they are made or stored on wrong places. Last year I faced same issue. I have been playing holi for almost 21 years but last year I had allergy. I had to go to the doctor for this problem and it took a week to heal.

We can wash our body after playing holi and bathing may save us from allergy but what about animals. They can’t wash their color and some colors are too sticky they don’t go after multiple wash with soap. Animal’s body have fur which play important role in temperature controlling and others. When you color them color stick to their fur and color don’t go easily and it may cause allergy and also patches on skin. Colors may cause skin problems in animals.

Also animal experts have confirmed that color may cause problem to animals. Celebrate animals but don’t involve them in color celebration. You can treat them with good food on this festival or if you can’t then don’t even hurt them. They are not not human that they will play with you.

Why Holi Colors are harmful

Modern colors are synthetic. They are contains murcury sulfate and metal oxide which is harmful for skin and can cause allergy. Also these chemical may cause hair fall problem in animals.

If you have any pet animal then keep them inside home for a day because some people just like hurting animals so they may don’t hasitate to color your dog so for a day keep your pet inside home.

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