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I have completed my Master's degree in Zoology and I like exploring new information about animals. Apart from human there are a lot of living beings so I try to introduce something informative about living beings (animals).

9 Awesome Christmas Outfit for Dogs

Christmas is near you must be prepared well and all-important purchases must be done by you but did you think about your dog? No?...

5 Things to Know About Red Crop Milk

Most people know this fact that only mammals produce milk but this fact is half true because mammals have mammary glands to produce milk...

Difference Between Crow and Raven

You must have seen crow and Raven but how do you figure out which is Raven and crow. Raven and crow both look similar...

37 Pet Animals In India

India is an Asian country and India is full of animal diversity. A large area of India is covered with forest and in this...

The Reason Behind Elephant Bath With Dust

Elephants are one of the largest animals in the animal kingdom. If we ask someone what is the biggest terrestrial animal then most of...

What would have happened if Titanoboa was still alive

Titanoboa was dominating predators 60 Million years ago. Due to climate change, they went extinct but what happens if they were still alive? Titanoboa...