Andrea Cisternino is Protecting Dogs in Ukraine during war

Ukraine is in a very bad phase and trying its best to protect the country. Thousands of people are rushing toward neighboring countries to protect themself but what about animals? Russia is continuously doing airstrikes and attacking with missiles. People are kept inside the tunnel and bunkers. Every country is praying for Ukraine.

Andrea Cisternino is from Ukraine and is protecting animals in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Instead of going out from Ukraine he decided to staying with animals and protect them.

In this bad phase, a man from the crowd Andrea Cisternino stood for the help of stray dogs. In such conditions, people think about their self-life but Andrea Cisternino proved that animal lovers are alive in the world.

He runs an animal sanctuary in Kiev. In the war between Russia and Ukraine, he decided to stay with 400 animals instead of leaving. He is such a great man. Humanity is still alive proved by Andrea Cisternino.

Humans can speak, fight and ask for help and can hide in safe places in such conditions but what about animals? The decision of staying with animals may have helped the animals in such critical conditions.

War gives only damage no one is benefited from the war. People should believe in peace.

NoWar #Peace #PrayForUkraine

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