A Mysterious Snake found in Thailand

A mysterious snake was found in Thailand and everyone is amazed after watching this snake. It is looking totally different than other snakes because it looks like has grown green furs on the body or the snake has worn a ghillie suit. This snake is totally different.

In the first week of March, a video went viral in which a mysterious green furry snake have seen. According to some news sources, this snake was found in the Sakhon Nakhon province of Northeast Thailand by a 49-year-old local Tu.

When a local spotted this snake he took it with him and some people recorded its video and uploaded in social media and this video went viral. The snake is seem like it is aquatic and some people are assuming that it may be stick on a place for long time and small filaments alge may stuck on its scale and grown after some time but it doesn’t sound like accurate answer.

Sam Chatfield, who is snake species coordinator at Wildlife ARC, has confirmed that it is puff face water snake and he also said that it might be because of growing alges on its body but question is why any other snake of this species have found in this condition. It might be right.
Experts have identified it as Puff faced snake and its mild venomous. It feeds on small frogs.

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