Ghaziabad Fire News: 50 Cows were burnt to death in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram area’s slum area caught on fire and the fire spread on the area and cowshed caught on fire and there were many cows on the cowshed. Approximately 50 cows were burnt to death in this fire. This is a heart melting news.

This sad incident happened on Kinauni village. 30 slums were burnt on this fire and report is saying that 50 cows were burnt alive. According to media report there was approximately 100 cows in the cowshed. Till current update there isn’t any human casualty. If there was 100 cows then many more cows could be injured. The exact number will be known after the investigation.

The CM Yogi Aditya Nath ji is known as cow lover and this type incident happened on the state. Rescue team arrived after the news and the reason of fire is still unknown. Many families became homeless.

It took 2 hours to control the fire to fire tenders.

Suraj Pandit, the national president of the Shri Krishna Seva Gaushala Trust, which has been running the dairy for the past three years, said there were two persons to take care of the animals. He said that when he come to know about the fire he immediately told the caretakers to untie the cows so 50 cows are saved. There was two caretaker for the cowshed. He also stated that many cows are heavy injured.

District magistrate RK Singh said he had formed a committee to find out the cause of the fire and submit a report to him soon.

The different media are reporting the different numbers of animal casualties so should wait for the official report of the accurate number but many cows were burnt to death. Here are some reports by different media –
Times of India – 38 Cows death
Zee News – 50 Cows
India TV – 20 cows

The different media are showing the different numbers according to their report so there is a chance that the casualty number isn’t officially revealed.

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